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The Association “Investors’ Forum”, which unites the largest and most active investors in the Lithuanian economy, evaluated the contribution of the country’s companies, individuals, and organizations to the improvement of the business environment and investment climate in 2022.


Annual Report 2021: Overcoming These Challenges IF publications

Statement of the Chairman of the Board
Rolandas Valiūnas

Dear colleagues, esteemed members of the Association,

As I was preparing to address you again and begin an overview of last year’s Investors ’Forum activities, I returned to the words I wrote last year and a somewhat ironic smile appeared on my face. Last year I noted that we have every reason to remain optimistic. As the pandemic recedes and lives return to more normal, we have an impressive year of recovery and growth ahead.



The value of the Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania has been growing since the end of last year and reached 1,237 out of 2 possible in this quarter. The value of the index is not only growing, but also reached its highest value since the second quarter of 2017.


Annual Report: Never Wast a Good Crisis IF publications

Statement of the Chairman of the Board
Rolandas Valiūnas

Dear colleagues,

I am certain that life is deemed meaningful, valuable, and exciting as long as we are able to experience sincere amazement. And in the recent year I had lots of opportunities to experience it. Not only because 2020 has become a year of unprecedented trials for all of us. But first and foremost because of how we were able to meet, adapt, and overcome these challenges.


Investors: legalizing partnership is a solid step towards greater inclusion and Lithuania’s economic welfare IF publications

The association Investors’ Forum, which brings together the largest and most active investors into the Lithuanian economy, agrees with the initiative by the ruling coalition’s representatives in the Lithuanian Seimas to legalize partnerships. Investors emphasize that this step would help ensure legal protection of all couples who are not related biologically and are looking to build a life together. Investors’ Forum also believes that legalizing partnerships would significantly contribute to supporting human rights in Lithuania, while at the same time improving the business environment and investment climate.


Research: Investors’ expectations are more positive but not the same as in the beginning of the year IF publications

Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) for the first time in the history of this study reached a negative value in the last quarter. The index rose again in this quarter and currently ICIL’s final value is 1,064 out of 2. Although the growth of the index and the return to a positive value indicate a higher positivity of investors, confidence is still low when compared to the period before the quarantine.

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