About  Investors‘ Forum

Investors‘ Forum is a business association uniting the largest and the most active investors into the Lithuanian economy.

Investors‘ Forum rallies foreign capital companies operating in Lithuania, creates and fosters dialogue among business, state and community at large with the aim to improve Lithuania‘s business environment and investment climate.

Established in 1999, Investors‘ Forum Association currently unites close to 70 members. We are a voluntary, fully independent and self-managed organization. Its activity is financed exclusively from fees and contributions of its members.

Our Mission is to improve the business environment and investment climate in Lithuania, through cooperation with public institutions and the business community.

Invertors‘ Forum activity

Investors‘ Forum is acting as a think tank nourishing regular contacts with the state and municipal institutions including Government and ministries, the Presidential office and Seimas (the Parliament) as well as municipalities across the country.

The Association monitors and analyses economic and political trends or processes in Lithuania and world-wide, initiates and participates in discussions on the most relevant issues for the development of national economy, drafts and presents proposals on the improvement of the business environment.

Here, the Investors‘ Forum‘s working groups, formed from the representatives of member companies and organizations, are notably important. The Association musters 10 working groups covering energy, public health, tax, labor relations, telecommunications, education, business services, sustainability, corporate governance and industrial strategy areas.

Investors‘ Forum creates and provides members with opportunities to communicate and cooperate, participate in public discussions related to the improvement of the investment climate and to take an active stand in improving the overall business environment.

Guided by the best practices of the members and our core values – leadership, the highest ethical standards and versatility, Investors‘ Forum aims at promoting the concept of social responsibility in Lithuania, shaping a positive public opinion about direct foreign investment, business and entrepreneurship and highlighting their added value and benefits to the country‘s economy and society.

Investors‘ Forum organizes an annual business forum with the Government, meetings and discussions between its members and Lithuanian politicians as well as representatives and heads of national and international institutions. The Association also acts as the organizer of  the Baltic Investors Forum, which is one of the key international platforms across the Baltic region serving discussions on topics ranging from economy to geopolitics.


Companies and organizations that fully meet the membership criteria are welcome to join the Investors‘ Forum. Members of the Association operating in Lithuania undertake to follow the highest principles and standards of business ethics,  faultlessly comply with the laws and legal normative acts and promote the best international business practices and standards. Members of the Association pay an annual membership fee the amount of which shall be determined and approved by the Annual Meeting of the Investors‘ Forum.

The Association does not have any affiliates.

Investors’ Forum Address:

Totorių str. 5-21, Vilnius, LT-01121

Tel. +370 5 275 52 58


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