Voluntary, independent and self managed business association of the largest and most active investors in Lithuania. Established in 1999, it currently unites 60 members.


VISION The most Investor friendly business climate in the EU
The MISSION of the Investors’ Forum is to improve the business environment and investment climate in Lithuania, through cooperation with public institutions and the
business community

Our VALUES guide us in the way we think and act. They are the major influence in determining our objectives, forming our strategies, and evaluating our results. We believe these values to be essential in operating our organization and our activities:
• Leadership
• Highest ethical standards
• Inclusiveness

Investors’ Forum keeps actively working on advising the Government of Lithuania as well as drafts related proposals and legislation in the areas important for the investors such as taxation, labour regulation, business ethics and others. Working groups:
– Energy Group
– Public Health Group
– Tax Group
– Labour Group
– IT and Communication Group
– Education Group
– Shared Service Centers Group
– Sustainability Group
– Corporate Governance Group

Annual report’19: here

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