1. Origin of investor.

Members of “Investors’ Forum” association (hereinafter – the Association) may be natural and legal persons of Republic of Lithuania and other states that are investing in Lithuania. (The articles of Association. Article 3.1.)

2. “Investors’ Forum” members:

  • Accept and support correct and fair investments, based on legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Believe that a positive investment climate in Lithuania will result in shared benefits for Lithuania, its citizens and the company (person);
  • Encourage the introduction of internationally accepted “best practices” appropriate to Lithuania;
  • Work as efficient and experienced companies (persons);
  • Have substantial investments, sales, turnover or other operations in Lithuania or other markets.

3. Active member of Association.

Investor on his own or his representatives actively takes part in Association’s work: deliver proposals, participate in programs and events, organized and held by the Association, keep continual correspondence with administrative body of Association.

4. Observers

Board of Investors’ Forum may grant a status of Observer. Observer supports the mission of the Investors’ Forum, participating in the activities and other events of the Forum. Observer status can be granted to Public institutions, Embassies, NGOs.

*Association is a voluntary union.Any member has a right to leave the Association freely by informing the Board in writing not less than 30 (thirty) days in advance.

Members of "Investors’ Forum"

"Investors' Forum" association has 65 members.
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