Investors‘ Forum mission is to improve the business environment and investment climate in Lithuania, through cooperation with public institutions and the business community.

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Investors‘ Confidence Index for Lithuania
ICIL 2021 Q2
Key positive factors
  • 44 percent of surveyed investors evaluate the political environment in the country positively
  • Investors are more positive about the availability of credit
  • Telecommunication services, transport and logistics infrastructure, and employee knowledge of foreign languages have been identified as the strongest areas
  • Key negative factors
  • 26 percent respondents are concerned about the level of scientific research situation in the country
  • 50 percent of the respondents believe that availability of qualified labor is insufficient or somewhat insufficient in Lithuania
  • Investors are still cautious about the economic outlook for the future
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    The value of the Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania has been growing since the end of last year and reached 1,237 out of 2 possible in this quarter. The value of the index is not only growing, but also reached its highest value since the second quarter of 2017.


    Annual Report: Never Wast a Good Crisis Publication

    Statement of the Chairman of the Board
    Rolandas Valiūnas

    Dear colleagues,

    I am certain that life is deemed meaningful, valuable, and exciting as long as we are able to experience sincere amazement. And in the recent year I had lots of opportunities to experience it. Not only because 2020 has become a year of unprecedented trials for all of us. But first and foremost because of how we were able to meet, adapt, and overcome these challenges.


    Investors: legalizing partnership is a solid step towards greater inclusion and Lithuania’s economic welfare Publication

    The association Investors’ Forum, which brings together the largest and most active investors into the Lithuanian economy, agrees with the initiative by the ruling coalition’s representatives in the Lithuanian Seimas to legalize partnerships. Investors emphasize that this step would help ensure legal protection of all couples who are not related biologically and are looking to build a life together. Investors’ Forum also believes that legalizing partnerships would significantly contribute to supporting human rights in Lithuania, while at the same time improving the business environment and investment climate.


    News from the members: Philip Morris International Appoints Jacek Olczak Chief Executive Officer

    Vilnius, Lithuania— May 6 — Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) (NYSE: PM) announced that Jacek Olczak was appointed CEO following the company’s 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting on May 5. Mr. Olczak—most recently the company’s Chief Operating Officer—was also elected to the Board of Directors. André Calantzopoulos, who served as PMI’s Chief Executive Officer, was appointed Executive Chairman of the Board prior to the meeting.

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