Investors’ Forum Ethics Statement

Established in year 1999 association „Investors‘ Forum“ is known not only as representative of the largest and most active investors in Lithuania, striving to create better investment climate in the country, but also for the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Together with our Members we intend to lead by example and adhere to ethical standards that even may exceed those required by law. As a result Members of Investors‘ Forum share in the following core values:

  • Leadership,
  • Highest ethical standards,
  • Inclusiveness.

Guided by organisational values all Members of Investors‘ Forum aspire to adhere to the following principles of Business ethics:

1. Fairness, transparency and openness to declare the business interests.
2. Responsibility for employees and care of their professional development.
3. Taking action to stop discrimination and avoid harm to others.
4. Environmental compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and commitment to reducing the environmental impact of members’ activities.
5. Social involvement and contribution to the country well-being.

As a business association for largest investors in Lithuania, representing collective interests and having an influence on society, we want to play an active role in the public policy debate.

We regard responsible lobbying as an important and legitimate way to participate in political decision-making processes. We believe that sharing our expertise and communicating our positions contribute responsibly to policy-making and are part of our engagement as corporate citizens, the business and societal challenges are best solved jointly by all relevant stakeholders.

Investors‘ Forum respects the national laws of each of the jurisdictions in which Investors‘ Forum carries out lobbying activities. Investors’ Forum lobbying and advocacy activities are guided by Transparency and Openness.

Investors’ Forum does not make any donations as an association to political parties, politicians or candidates for a political office.

Rūta Skyrienė

Executive Director
Investors’ Forum

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