With your help, for more than 10 years in a row, we have been awarding companies, institutions, media representatives and civil servants who have contributed the most to improving the investment climate in the country in recent years.

“Investors’ Forum awards presented for the twelfth time this year have become a meaningful evaluation of business, state and society representatives, reminding us that everyone’s contribution is important for the prosperity and breakthrough of the country. The stories of winners and companies, organizations and people nominated for awards become inspiring examples for everyone, encouraging them to strive for Lithuania to become one of the most attractive countries in the world for business. In these times of global changes and challenges, such inspiring examples are needed more than ever before, so we expect to receive many applications for the awards”, – says Rolandas Valiūnas, Chairman of the Board of the Association “Investors’ Forum”.

Companies and organizations operating in the country can apply and nominate candidates for the Investors’ Forum awards. The association will select winners in the following categories:

“Investor of the Year” – for the contribution to the development of the Lithuanian economy and the creation of new jobs;

“Decision of the year to improve the business environment” – for an initiative or decision that had a significant impact on the business environment and the overall economy of the country;

“Responsible company” ‒ for applying the principles of socially responsible business and creating transparent business relationships, active involvement in community activities and fostering social values, caring for employees and reducing negative impact on the environment;

“Public servant of the year” – for personal initiative and purposeful efforts in making decisions necessary for the improvement of the investment environment;

“Business Journalist of the Year” – for a professional approach to the challenges of the Lithuanian economy, an objective and informative presentation of the country’s business environment;

The association invites applications for awards to be submitted online. Applications will be evaluated by members of the Investors’ Forum, the board and experts. The winners will be announced on m. on April 21.