Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) is shaking and reached 3-year lows. Currently, ICIL final value is 1,140 out of 2.

This decrease was mainly caused by doubts about the political stability, productivity and regulatory environment. Investors feel that areas requiring most attention in Lithuania are education, talent migration and efficiency of public sector.

Despite the downturn in total index value, company plans remain ambitious. 64 % project salary increases and 43% expect growth in their workforce.

It is already a tradition that investors name telecommunications, infrastructure and foreign language knowledge as main Lithuanian strengths. More than two thirds (73%) consider Lithuania to be a country open for investors.

Major positive trends in the investment environment in Lithuania remain similar to the last quarter. Lithuania is known for great telecommunications infrastructure – 91% of respondents indicate it as being high level.

Three quarters of respondents have a positive outlook about transport and logistics infrastructure. Slightly more (86%) of investors indicate that Lithuanian residents have good foreign language skills. Moreover, 73% (or 29% more than last quarter) believe that Lithuania is open for new investors. This positive altitude could be partly explained by recent news of significant foreign direct investment projects.

On the other hand, uncertainty can be seen regarding political stability, 34% indicate it to be low.

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