Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) indicates that investors’ confidence is stabilizing. For a third quarter in the row, ICIL value remains high with minor fluctuations. Currently, ICIL final value is 1,225 out of 2.Investors indicated that Lithuania’s telecommunications, transport infrastructure and knowledge of foreign language are the most advanced categories in a country. In addition, the availability of suitable real estate for business is at a high level. Two thirds (64%) of investors presented such opinion.
Furthermore, investors’ showed positive attitude towards availability of suitable real estate objects, telecommunications, logistics and infrastructure played a significant role in the final ICIL value. On the other hand, levels of taxation system’s effectiveness, labor force productivity and political stability in a country prevented higher ICIL growth.
Moreover, business community draws attention to country’s challenges in education, talent migration and labor taxation. Despite these issues, investors’ plans for upcoming quarter remain optimistic. 59% of respondents indicate that they have plans to increase salaries for their employees and 51% reveals that they will employ new staff.

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