Although the positivity is not as high as at the beginning of the year, investors’ confidence is still high – the value of the index remains at the before the quarantine level. The value of the ICIL is 1,139 out of 2 in this quarter.

• The best-valued areas that strengthen Lithuania’s attractiveness for investment are telecommunications, transport and logistics infrastructure, and employees’ foreign language skills.

• Businesses are cautious about productivity growth, therefore there are concerns about the gap between wages and productivity. 41 percent of investors surveyed believe that the situation in this area will become worse in the near future.

• The assessment of political stability in the country, which experienced the biggest positive change in the last quarter, remains good. 45 percent of the managers of the surveyed companies evaluate this area positively.

• The number of those who believe that the economic situation in the country will deteriorate in the coming period has increased by 10 percentage points.

• One-fifth of respondents say that the level of scientific research in Lithuania is low.

• 71 percent of the surveyed company executives believe that the salaries of employees in their companies will increase in the near future.

• The Ministry of National Defense is rated the best by investors. The Ministry of Transport and Communications experienced the biggest positive change in the assessment.

• 8 out of 10 surveyed business representatives believe that the reduction of the Income-tax rate (for income above the “Sodra ceiling”) to the former 27 percent is important or very important.

Full ICIL research (EN): here