Lithuanian Free Market Institute: A Survey of the Lithuanian Economy 2013/2014(2) IF publications

The Survey Report can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.


Economic Outlook of DNB IF publications

The global economy grew by just over 3 per cent last year, almost ½ percentage point less than we predicted at the beginning of the year. Growth in the USA, the Eurozone, India and Russia, among others, was disappointing. Meanwhile, economic growth in countries like the UK and Japan exceeded our expectations. The disappointments are mostly history. In the second half of last year, growth in both the industrial and emerging economies rose to 2 and just over 5 per cent, respectively, which we believe to be “cruising speed”. 


WEF report for 2013-2014 IF publications

Global Competitiveness Report of World Economic Forum can be viewed and downloaded from here.


European Competitiveness Report 2012: “Reaping the benefits of globalisation” IF publications

The 2012 edition of the European Competitiveness Report provides new empirical evidence for understanding the drivers of industrial competitiveness and the opportunities and constraints faced by European enterprises in the post-crisis recession. You can download the full report here.


Feasibility Study for the International Development of Lithuanian Business IF publications

Based on the request of the Investors’ Forum Association, Ernst & Young Baltic prepared a feasibility study for the International Development of Lithuanian Business. For the preparation of this document the most recent studies and researches in the areas of foreign direct investment attraction, export and competitiveness promotion were used. Additionally, international findings were supplemented with the national and regional insights from Ernst & Young project and initiatives implemented during the recent 3-5 years in Lithuania and the Baltic region. You can review the whole study here…


In pursuit of stability and competitiveness of the Lithuanian taxation system: 7 sins (what not to do) and 10 commandments (what to do) IF publications

In this outlook, “Investors’ Forum” tax group gives out its recommendations how to make the Lithuanian taxation system stable, competitive and attractive for not only already established and operating businesses, but for potential local and foreign investors as well. “Investors’ Forum” tax group presents its recommendations in the form of 7 sins (what not to do) and 10 commandments (what to do).  You can find the whole publication here… 

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