In pursuit of stability and competitiveness of the Lithuanian taxation system: 7 sins (what not to do) and 10 commandments (what to do) IF publications

In this outlook, “Investors’ Forum” tax group gives out its recommendations how to make the Lithuanian taxation system stable, competitive and attractive for not only already established and operating businesses, but for potential local and foreign investors as well. “Investors’ Forum” tax group presents its recommendations in the form of 7 sins (what not to do) and 10 commandments (what to do).  You can find the whole publication here… 


Investors’ Forum Tax System Outlook 2011 IF publications

This “Investors’ Forum” outlook ” Making the Tax System Better for Everyone” analyzes main taxes of Lithuania: corporate income tax, land tax, immovable property tax, personal income tax,  social health and insurance, value added tax and the system of tax administration in Lithuania. Read the whole outlook…


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