The association of “Investors’ Forum” alongside with transparent business initiative “Clear Wave” and  OECD anti-corruption network EBPO ACN gathered lithuanian business representatives to debate and discuss business integrity challenges they face on the 30th of September.

The most effective measures and best practices that businesses and associated structures could implement in order to increase integrity of the organisation and avoid corruption.

“Investors have outspoken about the need to increase transparency in the country numerous times. “Investors’ Forum” initiated Investor Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) has indicated that more than 50 per cent of foreign investors in Lithuania has noted the need for transparency as one of the most troublesome areas in the country. Investors will not perceive Lithuanian economy as attractive for investments without transparent and visibly sound business regulations and operations by existing market participants” – said Ruta Skyriene, Investors’ Forum executive director.

Liudas Jurkonis, EBPO ACN & EY Baltic representative presented preliminary results of the “Business Activity Transparency in Eastern and Central Europe & Central Asia” report.