The value of the Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania has been growing since the end of last year and reached 1,237 out of 2 possible in this quarter. The value of the index is not only growing, but also reached its highest value since the second quarter of 2017.

• Investors are more positive about the development opportunities of their companies, the economic prospects in the country, and the opportunities to acquire credit – these positive changes restored investor confidence and affected the jump in the value of the index.

• Concerns about the credit availability in the country are expressed by fewer company executives: 45 percent of the respondents believe that the situation in this area is good.

• The assessment of political stability in the country, which experienced the biggest positive change in the last quarter, remains good. 44% of the managers of the surveyed companies evaluate this area positively.

• The best-valued areas that strengthen Lithuania’s attractiveness for investment are telecommunications, transport and logistics infrastructure, and employees’ foreign language skills.

• The ICIL study shows that the Government should pay more attention to the efficiency of the public sector, talent migration and education system.

• Regulation of labor relations remains the most challenging area in the day-to-day operations of investors.

• Assessing the possibilities of work organization, the majority of the surveyed investors state that the company will apply a hybrid work model to employees. As many as 75 percent of the surveyed business representatives anticipate such changes.

• 69 percent of investors anticipate that their needs for office space will not change.

Full ICIL research (EN): here