Statement of the Chairman of the Board
Rolandas Valiūnas

Dear colleagues, esteemed members of the Association,

As I was preparing to address you again and begin an overview of last year’s Investors ’Forum activities, I returned to the words I wrote last year and a somewhat ironic smile appeared on my face. Last year I noted that we have every reason to remain optimistic. As the pandemic recedes and lives return to more normal, we have an impressive year of recovery and growth ahead.

And partially this is the case: Lithuanian and global business and the economy have passed the COVID test rather successfully. There has been no shortage of good news over the past year about the development of the members of the association, creation and implementation of innovations and new jobs. According to our research, at the end of last year, investor confidence in the prospects of the Lithuanian economy had stabilized and returned firmly to the pre-pandemic level.

But life has once again shown that we may only expect the unexpected. 2022 will unequivocally enter human history as the year of one of the most brutal military conflicts since World War II. A conflict that we and the rest of the Western world could not – or, rather,- did not want to think about. The impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on international politics, the economy and business is still difficult to assess. We can only doubt that the impact is and will be felt for many years to come.

Therefore, I am certain that in the current context, the activities of our association are even more meaningful than ever before. Last year, we have worked hard to further strengthen the dialogue between the state and business. We are determined to continue this dialogue this year. The world and Lithuania are now in need of acredible, honest, and open-minded voice to create and offer the best solutions to improve the business environment and investment climate, and to help restore what has recently been destroyed by the virus and the aggression.

The war in Ukraine also highlighted many more important issues, including Lithuanian and Western business values. Of course, some Lithuanian and foreign companies have shown that business interests are more important to them than principles. Luckily, such companies were relatively scarce.

Far more often we have heard stories of mobilization and solidarity of the community, politicians and businesspeople and their will to do their utmost to help a nation fighting for its freedom. You, dear members of the Investors’ Forum, have also shown a particular focus and responsibility. Therefore, I can only express my sincere respect and gratitude to each and every one of you. During years of our mutual work, I have repeatedly felt pride in being a part of this wonderful community. I still feel it today as strongly as ever before. I have no doubt that by working and creating together, we will succeed in overcoming these challenges, no matter how difficult they may be.

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