The value of the Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) has been growing since the last quarter and the current final value is 1,118 out of 2. Investors are more positive about the country’s business environment, and the value of the index exceeded the pre-quarantine value.

  • Investors are still cautious about the changes in their companies and economic conditions in the country. However, less negative expectations regarding the country’s business environment and political stability led to increased confidence and contributed to the jump in the value of the index.
  • Investors still tend to be cautious about possible changes in companies in almost all areas. More than half of those surveyed expect the situation to remain unchanged.
  • Investors are more positive about the credit options in the near future. 34 percent of the surveyed investors tend to believe that the situation in this area is good.
  • Investors in Lithuania also note the positive change in the assessment of the stability of the political environment. 51 percent of the managers of the companies surveyed believe that the political stability in the country is high.
  • The best-valued areas that strengthen Lithuania’s attractiveness for investment are telecommunications, transport and logistics infrastructure, and employees’ foreign language skills.
  • The ICIL study shows that the Government should pay more attention to the efficiency of the public sector, talent migration, and education system.
  • State Tax Inspectorate is the best-rated public institution.
  • 65 percent of investors surveyed believe that non-fiscal checks should be abandoned. 8 out of 10 executives surveyed believe it is necessary to provide an opportunity to pay by a card or other electronic means at all points of sale.


Full ICIL research (EN): here