Most recent Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) indicates growing investors’ trust in Lithuania’s economy as its final value reaches 1,23 points from 2 (maximum value). In addition, country’s GDP growth is higher than EU average and signals positive growth trend since 2015.

Lithuania’s telecommunications and transport infrastructure have been highlighted as most advanced fields in Lithuania. Nevertheless, investors also indicate challenges arising from education, labor taxation and talent migration. In addition, business representatives name low political stability and inefficiency of business regulations as main reasons, which have kept final index value from reaching a record high score. Nevertheless, in the near future, foreign capital companies are planning to create more jobs and rise wages.

In addition to traditional questions, business leaders were asked to evaluate the efficiency of state institutions and state-owned enterprises. As a result, energy distribution operator (ESO) was named as the most efficient organization. 76% of respondents rated it as highly effective.
Finally, participants were asked to indicate the decision of the year, which had the most positive effect on business environment in 2017.

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