The latest Lithuanian Investors’ Confidence survey shows that the index keeps growing in the second quarter of this year. Although index did not increase significantly, growth is higher than it was in the previous quarter. Currently, ICIL final value is 1,176 out of 2.

Major positive trends in the investment environment in Lithuania remain unchanged. Investors have a very positive outlook towards telecommunications, transport and logistics infrastructure and foreign language skills. All of the respondents valued efficiency of telecommunications’ in Lithuania as good or very good. The indicator, compared to the previous quarter has increased by 5 percent. Transport and logistics was reviewed as positive by 84 percent of investors and it was 9 percent more than it was last year and the valuation of knowledge of foreign language increased by 16 percent.

Investors remain consistent when asked about the fields that need most attention. Education, the efficiency of public sector and talent migration remain as very important factors that needs more attention from the the government.
Investors continue to implement ambitious plans – more than a half of them estimate the need to hire new employees. Also, 77 percent of investors’ plan wage increases in this quarter.

Investors are more positive about political stability, which is one of the most negatively valued indicators – negative rating of this field decreased by 10 percent. Also, we can see that 6 percent more investors indicate stability of political environment as positive. Enthusiasm over the future trends in this area increased – 36 percent of respondents (10 percentage points less than in the previous quarter) believe that political stability will decline. The end of the elections gave positive hopes for investors: 7 percent more respondents expect it to increase in the near future. These changes made a positive impact to ICIL growth in this quarter.

Study also reveals that investors are more positive about transparency of the business environment. This area is assessed more positively and 40 percent of respondents indicated it as being high level. Also, negative rating of transparency of the business environment decreased by 7 percent. Respondents expressed positive expectations towards this area: 17 percent of those surveyed expect business environment to be more transparent in the next quarter.

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