Statement of the Chairman of the Board
Rolandas Valiūnas

Dear Members,

 Today, more than ever I wish I could begin this foreword as usual, by applauding Lithuania’s achievements, such as record-breaking 11th place in World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 rating or 47 FDI projects attracted by Invest Lithuania last year. I would continue by noticing challenges that we are well aware of, such as lack of qualified personnel and necessity for our Government to focus on improvements in the education system and migration procedures. And finish with some words to inspire us to continue our effort in improving business conditions and investment climate in Lithuania.

This year, however, things are very different. The coronavirus outbreak has struck us with an unprecedented blow, shaking both global and local societies, shattering businesses, putting economies to its knees and filling the world with fear and uncertainty. The world was unprepared. Nobody expected a crisis of such a scale. And its outcomes are yet difficult to predict.

However grim the situation may seem, there are some silver linings. Our society’s and many companies’ reaction to the outbreak was a real display of responsibility, maturity, and strength in unity. While quickly readjusting processes, focusing on contingency and safety of employees, businesses thought not only about themselves. Countless companies, organizations and individuals have allocated their resources and energy to help the state and healthcare workers in the fight against the invisible enemy.

The fight continues, and Investors’ Forum and its members are actively involved, remaining in dialogue with the authorities, offering solutions to minimize potential outcomes of the crisis, providing crucial services in light of the risk of the disease. Adjusting, making decisions, continuing their activities.

As I write these lines, Lithuania is in the sixth week of the quarantine. It did not mean that the association was closed. On the contrary, Investors’ Forum closely cooperates with other business associations in advising the Government on measures mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, Investors’ Forum remains what it was for many years: the voice of reason, inviting to work together and look for the best solutions. Fast.

Looking back at what we achieved in previous years, I have a strong reason to remain optimistic. And a very important source of my faith is you, dear colleagues. Knowing that we unite the most experienced, talented, and responsible businesses, knowing our ability to stand, think and act together, I remain certain, that we will overcome this challenge.

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