Investors‘ Forum mission is to improve the business environment and investment climate in Lithuania, through cooperation with public institutions and the business community.

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Investors‘ Forum members should comply with membership criteria and Business Ethics Statement. Investors‘ Forum is financed entirely by the contributions of its members.

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Investors‘ Confidence Index for Lithuania
ICIL 2017 Q2
Key positive factors
  • Investors‘ plans: more jobs & higher wages
  • A record high political stability
  • 77% of respondents support the reform of the public sector
  • Key negative factors
  • Labor regulation – number one concern for investors
  • 56% of respondents: reform in education system – a priority
  • Talent migration creates challenges for 43 % of investors
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    Baltic investors forum

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    The End of Seimas Spring Session: Positive Signals for the Investors

    Members of the Investors’ Forum say that the newly elected members of the Seimas demonstrated ability to make determined decisions for improving the business environment. In their assessment of the end of the Seimas Spring Session, investors distinguished university optimization plan, the new Labor Code and the amendments to the Forest Law, which have opened a number of SRS reforms and shorten the environmental impact assessment procedures. However, in the last six months, there were also no critically acclaimed decisions, such as additional restrictions on alcohol trade and supplemental Insemination Law.


    Investors’ Forum Annual Report 2016 Publication

    Annual activity report to highlight the main activities, proposals, members, accounts of Investors’ Forum. You can download it here.  


    Research: Foreign Investors’ Confidence for Lithuanian Business Environment is Increasing Publication

    Investors maintain a positive outlook of Lithuania’s economy as the Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) reaches record high value of 1,303 (2 max) in the second quarter of 2017. 


    Geopolitics expert: Lithuania and Eastern Europe the Most Promising Old Continent’s Region


    “The most attractive part of Europe now is Eastern Europe. These are the countries that have been long occupied by the Soviet Union, after it failed in 1991. It became available, integrated in the European Union, but in many ways keeping their independence. They have educated people, and in this regard, the region is one of the most unique in the world. In emerging economies, education and educated society provides a tremendous advantage”, noted G. Friedman.

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