The fourth quarter of the year resulted in slowdown of investors expectations, however the final result if ICIL remains very high. This quarter’s value of Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) Q4 reached 1,216 (2 maximum value).


Research: Foreign Investors’ Confidence for Lithuanian Business Environment is Increasing ICIL researches

Investors‘ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) 2017 second quarter value reached record high results – 1,303 (2 max) value. One of the main reasons why ICIL sky rocketed was the highly favorable evaluation of political stability in Lithuania – 36% of respondents said that it is high. Moreover, newly published Lithuanian government’s action plan had huge influence and as a result 59% of investors are expecting an increase in demand of their products and services.


Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania 2017 Q1 ICIL researches


Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania (ICIL) value for 2017 first quarter remained unchanged since 2016 second quarter and maintained the value of 1,215.


Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania 2016 Q2 ICIL researches

Survey of Investors’ confidence index for Lithuania for the second quarter of 2016 reveals that large foreign capital investors remain highly confident in the economy of Lithuania. Although, the level of optimism has shrunk slightly in comparison with the beginning of the year. The largest investors are expecting a continuous growth of demand for their products and services (56% of surveyed top-level managers) and profitability of their companies (50%). A third (29%) are planning to expand their export quantities. 


Investors’ Confidence Index for Lithuania 2015 Q4 ICIL researches

In Q4 of 2015 Investor Confidence index for Lithuania reached a record-high value of 1,189. Investors’ expectations are boasted by sustainable maroeconomic environment of Lithuania and strong political will in the Parliament to finally implement the long awaited Labour regulation reforms.


Investor Confidence Index for Lithuania 2015 Q2 ICIL researches

In Q2 of 2015 Investors’ Confidence in Lithuania’s economic prospects grew significantly – CEOs of companies investing in Lithuania expect further positive changes in business environment. ICIL revealed that in the nearest future 4 out of 10 investors are planning to increase capital investments, almost as many (38%) expect to launch new investment projects and create new workplaces. However, entrepreneurs are more pessimistic about demand growth – only 1 out of 4 investors believes it will increase. 

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